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Onsite 340B Dispensary Survey Results and Testimonials

In a recent patient survey, patients were asked how they would rate their visit to their clinic’s Onsite 340B Dispensary. Here’s what we learned:

  • 94% Great customer service
  • 88% Great overall experience
  • 94% Very convenient

Patient Feedback From The Field:

The dispensary has been so great for me. I’m 87 years old and don’t drive. When I go in for a doctor’s visit I can get my medications right in the office without making a second stop. My refills are delivered right to my house, and I don’t have to worry about organizing a ride for my medications.

Mary S., Ohio

I take insulin every day and I am on a fixed income. I hit my coverage gap and couldn’t afford my insulin. The dispensary helped me get through those months without full prescription coverage.

Richard M., Maryland

I rely on free insulin supplied through a patient assistance program. Sometimes the paperwork doesn’t go through in time and I am left without insulin. The dispensary lets me use the sliding scale to purchase insulin to get me by when otherwise I couldn’t afford it.

Maria B., Pennsylvania


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