The Onsite 340B Solution: Easy and Compliant


Complete Setup

Complete Setup

You provide a secure space, a desk, chair, power, internet access and a telephone.
We supply the rest.

Customizable Formulary

  • Medications as prescribed by in-house providers
  • Pre-packaged medications in unit of use quantities, as requested
  • Modifications as prescribing habits change

Virtual Management

  • Simple ordering and delivery
  • Minimum and maximum par levels for easy ordering
  • Automatic inventory updates with every dispense

Payer Connections – we will connect your clinic to:

  • Private Payers
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Discount Cards
  • Manufacturer Copay Cards and free trials
Leading Software

Leading Software

Onsite 340B’s dispensing software interfaces with your EMR, receives electronic prescriptions, and performs all the functions of prescription filling. A full and complete report of activity is maintained.

  • E-Rxs are sent from the EMR to our software via Surescripts. The patient, Rx and provider information is automatically uploaded.
    All of the medications are pre-packed into the most commonly prescribed doses at your facility.
  • To dispense, the bottle is barcode scanned to ensure the right medication is chosen.
  • The barcode scanned must match the GCN of the Rx sent over.
  • The insurance claim is adjudicated or sliding scale, price selected and the label is printed.
Ready To Dispense Medications

Ready To Dispense Medications

There is nothing to count or pour, and pill identification is not required. Onsite 340B supplies tablets and capsules in custom, prepackaged quantities. Topical products, inhalers, insulin, and various other medications are supplied in the original packaging of the manufacturer. Parameters include:


  • Operated under the supervision of the provider
  • Medications are owned by your clinic
  • Profits go back into your clinic to help provide more services for patients

Dispense Specialist

  • Can only provide information printed on the prescription or medication guide. They cannot counsel.
  • Cannot give or take a verbal order in person or on the phone.
  • Can calculate day’s supply and translate SIG codes as necessary.
Dispensary Training

Dispensary Training

Onsite 340B provides complete training, with introductory supervision and real-time support for your staff. All areas are covered: Compliance, Pharmaceutical Knowledge, Inventory Management, Insurance Claim Adjudication, Filling E-prescriptions, Patient Checkout and Processing Refills.

Customized Formulary

Customized Formulary

Onsite knows that a successful 340B program depends on a customized formulary based on the prescribing history of your providers. Our pharmacist will help your prescribers develop a formulary based on their specific prescribing needs. Your formulary will include many of the drugs that offer the greatest 340B savings, along with the most commonly prescribed generic medications.

Access to Third Party Network

Access to Third Party Network

Onsite 340B will facilitate enrollment and establish payer connections on your behalf with National Network Plans, as well as local health plans in your area.

Regulatory Assistance

Regulatory Assistance

Onsite 340B can assist your facility in amending its OPA registration, and submitting an application for a state dispensary license.


We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.