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Onsite 340B Dispenses First HIV Medication & With Zero Copay

May 17, 2017

Kennett Square, PA, May 17, 2017 — Onsite 340B, the first full-service solution enabling doctors at 340B Covered Entities to directly provide the medications they prescribe, at a significant discount, to their patients at the clinic, their home and in the field, announced today that the Onsite 340B solution has just been used for the first time to dispense an HIV medication.

Onsite 340B is also proud to report that the patient receiving the HIV medication was able to use commercial insurance combined with a manufacturer copay card and leave the doctor’s office, with medication in hand and a $0.00 copay.

Onsite 340B CEO Kate Martin said, “Dispensing the HIV medication was an Onsite 340B first and of great significance for the patient, the Covered Entity and for Onsite 340B in terms of quality and efficiency of service as well as patient interests.  For example: Patient privacy was increased by the ability to obtain HIV medications at the Onsite 340B Dispensary, conveniently located in the doctor’s office.  This is extremely important as it meant the patient didn’t have to go to a pharmacy after the doctor visit and once again, share information about their illness. Moreover, the patient started taking the medication immediately following the doctor’s visit – this is a huge advantage.”

Martin continued, “Many specialty pharmacies handling HIV medications require that a prescription be ‘sent in’ and the medication be mailed thereafter to the patient.  This delays the start of the medication.  The patient at the Onsite 340B clinic did not have to suffer the traditional delays.  The doctor engaged directly with the patient and dispensed right away.  Such immediacy afforded by the Onsite 340B solution supports improved patient compliance and greater provider awareness of patient adherence. We are enthusiastic that our solution contributed to the efficiency of the clinic and the well-being of a patient and at no cost to the patient or extra cost to the clinic or the state.”

About Onsite 340B

Onsite 340B solutions and services maximize 340B Program benefits and savings to non-profit, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) or “Covered Entities”, without the funding to open and operate an in-house pharmacy.  Onsite 340B enables Covered Entities to provide discounted medications from their Onsite 340B Dispensary to its patients, in a one-stop shopping environment – doctor visit and prescription fill. The savings generated from dispensing discounted medications on site enable Covered Entities to further stretch limited budgets and expand services and reach to the community. The Onsite 340B solution gives the Covered Entity full control over their program: no spilt billing is required, the risks of diversion and duplicate discounts are virtually eliminated, and medications are pre-packaged in unit of use containers.
ALL this at no extra cost to the state or the Medicaid program. For more information please visit

To schedule an introductory appointment, please reach out to Buzz Hannum, Director, Business Development, at or at (855) 355-340B.

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