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Company Profile

Headquartered in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and founded in 2014, Onsite 340B’s solutions and services maximize 340B Program benefits and savings to non-profit, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) or “Covered Entities”, without the funding to open and operate an in-house pharmacy.  Onsite 340B enables Covered Entities to provide discounted medications from their Onsite 340B Dispensary to qualifying patients, in a one-stop shopping environment – doctor visit and prescription fill.

The savings generated from dispensing discounted medications on site enable Covered Entities to further stretch limited budgets and expand services and reach to the community. The Onsite 340B solution gives the Covered Entity full control over their program: no spilt billing is required, the risks of diversion and duplicate discounts are virtually eliminated, and medications are pre-packaged in unit of use containers.
ALL this at no extra cost to the state or the Medicaid program.

Here’s how it works

Onsite 340B provides a win-win-win, hassle-free situation for the patient, the Covered Entity and the State.

20 – 30% of prescriptions are never filled  and  ~50% of prescribed medications are not taken as directedOnsite 340B helps Covered Entities to reverse this trend.

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