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Thank You! And You Know Who You Are.

September 6, 2017
Posted by: Richard “Buzz” Hannum, Jr., Director of Business Development, Onsite 340B

Vacations and Labor Day are now over and summer is quickly drawling to a close. As we begin to look towards 4th quarter and the Fall season, I would like to stop for a moment, and reflect on one very recent, annual summer recognition close to our hearts – National Health Center week.

Every year, for one week, the important work of the many medical professionals and their support teams at Health Centers nationwide is rightfully celebrated. With the continuous and always lively debate about health care, including costs, quality and access, perhaps the contributions of Health Centers should be recognized more often.


Health Centers deliver high quality, cost effective, accessible care while serving as critical economic engines helping to power local economies. Health Centers provide their services to all people, regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status.

A true bright spot, Community Health Centers serve more than 25 million Americans, a number that continues to grow along with the demand for affordable primary care. Their record of success is undeniably impressive. Milestones include:

• $24 billion in annual health system savings;
• $11 is generated in total economic activity for every $1 of federal funding invested in Health Centers;
• Patient treatments are 1/6 of the average cost of one emergency room visit;
• Patient satisfaction levels of 98%; and,
• More than one in six Medicaid beneficiaries is served for less than two percent of the national Medicaid budget.

Onsite 340B works in concert with Community Health Centers and sees first-hand the amazing work they provide on a daily basis.

To all of you who serve the community at Health Centers across the United States, we say

Thank You!!


We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.