Why Us?


Increased Patient Satisfaction

An Onsite 340B Dispensary at your clinic offers patients the convenience of filling their prescriptions at your facility, at the time of their doctor visit. The Onsite 340B Dispensary becomes an extension of their health center’s services and increases the overall satisfaction of your patients.

Superior Patient Care

By offering medications at their office or clinic, Onsite 340B’s solution enables providers to more closely monitor and support their patients therapy.

Increased Prescription Fill Rates

Professional studies have demonstrated that approximately 30% of prescriptions don’t get filled when patients are required to bring them to an offsite pharmacy, and that the number of unfilled prescriptions is reduced to as low as 5% when those same patients can have their prescriptions filled at their medical provider’s location.


Use of a Sliding Scale at your clinic’s Onsite 340B Dispensary assures that low-income patients, and Medicare patients whose prescription coverage has lapsed into the gap commonly referred to as “the donut hole”, can always receive their medications at or below the price at a retail pharmacy.

340B Compliance

The Onsite 340B solution includes a complete audit trail for all 340B related prescription transactions, including internal and external audit protocols, assuring compliance with all HRSA regulations. Onsite 340B’s closed-door dispensary eliminates the risk of diversion.

Ability to Serve Medicaid Patients

Onsite 340B’s exclusively 340B solution eliminates the risk of duplicate discounts, which may occur at a contract pharmacy. This allows you to serve many of your Medicaid patients (Carve-In).

Increased Captured Revenue

The Onsite 340B solution enables Covered Entities to maximize their 340B benefit, at a cost less than they would be charged per prescription by a contract pharmacy, or by employing a pharmacist.


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