OnSite 340B Enables Covered Entities to Provide 340B Discounted Medications at the Point of Care and Expand Patient Services

Leveraging 340B to the Fullest

Based on its special knowledge of the federal government’s 340B Program and its potential near-term changes, Onsite 340B has designed a full-service solution enabling doctors at 340B eligible health centers to directly provide the medications they prescribe, at a significant discount, to their patients at the clinic and in the field.

This one-stop visit – for a doctor appointment and a prescription fill – improves adherence and compliance among patients who may neither have the transportation nor the financial means to fill their prescriptions at a local retail pharmacy.  This helps ensure better patient outcomes and ultimately reduces the total cost of care.

And, at no extra cost to the state, Onsite’s 340B Dispensary model provides economic benefits to participating Covered Entity health centers, which capture savings from insurance reimbursement for prescribed drugs, which can then be used to improve and increase health care services and resources to the community and expand patient reach.

The OnSite 340B Solution
Easy and Compliant

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